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Mr.R.E. Bullet Singh

The Royal Enfield Bullet- a legend in its own right. Its undergone some quantum innovation now. Any guesses- yeah you guessed it right, they fitted it with a electric start! The bullet has been one bike that has stood the test of time. The bullet is loved for the simplicity of its mechanics, the ride comfort and the feeling of nirvana that thump of the bullet gives. Any true bulleteer would willingly marry his mechanic if he can tune the bike to suit his taste. Bullets are the most preferred bikes of long distance bikers. This is partly because of the ease of repairing it, partly the ride comfort. This halo helps sell the bullet more also and the company carefully cultivates the user group by organizing himalayan trips, creating user communities etc. But mind you, on himalayan trips, a team of mechanics also travel with the bikes.

What about the rolling stone with wanderlust who buys a bullet. Its difficult to learn the mechanics of the bike. You don’t take the bike on too long a ride because you fear some part my give way and you do not know how to repair it. It’s so simple, your hardcore nuts and bolts bulleteer will say. But, what about the not so mechanically inclined riders? The mechanics exploit precisely the simplicity of repair to fleece the uninitiated. They charge a bomb for small stuff, that if known, could actually have been done by oneself. They say they need to rework the engine, when all that was required is to adjust the spark plug gap. In it’s endeavour to build the user base the Royal Enfield company in India should also hold classes for teaching avid bulleteers how to perform small repairs on their bike. Things like changing a clutch cable, tightening the brakes, identifying a fault etc. This will enable them to spread their wings wider and build a much more loyal user base.


The empowered mobile indian female

The Indian lady has come a long way from being the lowly manager at home to the world’s most powerful business woman in the incarnation of Ms. Indra Noori, the new CEO of Pepsico India. Those are two extremes looking at which one would say that the sample size is too small to come to a meaningful conclusion. So lets look at the mobile- upwardly or horizontally , indian female. Lets look at the variety that does the rope trick balancing act- perched on top of their two wheelers in the crazy Indian traffic. There are two types of this species- the sort that I think suffer from some central nervous system failure which disables co-ordination between the brain and the limbs and the other iron clad sort who turn the throttle on fully when starting out and close it only when they reach their destination. Talk about target oriented ambitious women! The variety have superb brain limb co-ordination but I have a strong feeling that there is nothing in their brains to generate the signals. They believe in directing their puny two wheeler right into the midst of an accident waiting to happen ( the courageous indian woman, taking things head on) hoping that either God or the women’s commission would save them. I don’t think even God is capable of saving these crazy  maniacs, so it must be the women’s commission. Definitely, what prevents the sane guy from kicking her is the fear of action by the women’s commission.
Ok, now that is just one side of the story. Let’s look at the woman with a nervous system failure. I guess the ganglions do not transmit signals properly due to unuse. You see them paddling around on their two wheelers, throttle fully open, brake fully engaged and both feet paddling along the ground as if they were some birdwatcher steathily crawling up on a heron in a marshy area.
Hope the invisible hand of Adam Smith plays and role very quickly here and everything sets to a equilibrium soon .